Beep Focus Nº1


Beep Focus is an online event of the Beep Institute, intended for everyone who recognizes the importance of sustainable development of human potential.

The thematic 2-hour meeting, which we prepare 4 times a year, hosts international and Slovenian experts, 
who share their knowledge and good practices with us.

Each time we put a different current challenge in the foreground for the sustainable development of employees and business excellence. 

Beep Focus Theme Nº1:

How to realize human potential in the new reality of remote work?

What is our view on remote work?

What are the main challenges in working remotely?

What are the opportunities that telecommuting brings?

How to maintain the well-being of employees while working remotely?

Which competencies should be developed in employees for more effective remote work?

How can a company help make remote work more efficient?

Working remotely brings with it many challenges and obstacles, but also many opportunities. The results of telecommuting are therefore mixed, on the one hand employees report higher satisfaction and productivity, on the other hand many report burnout and poor work-life balance. At this year's Beep Focus, we invited experts who work remotely or have solutions to reduce the negative and increase the positive effects of remote work.


Lisette Sutherland

She is an ambassador for telecommuting and the author of the bestseller "Work together anywhere", which is on the list of best books for executives. At the same time, she is a keynote speaker and gives a lecture on the future of work and remote work. Her company Collaboration Superpowers was born from a series of years of rich experience, identifying and overcoming obstacles and examples of good remote work practices, which offers workshops, webinars, manuals, news, blogs and presentations.

Voranc Kutnik

He is an expert in agile methods and teamwork and co-founder and partner of CorpoHub. The company trains managers and teams through workshops. They specialize in improving the leadership and management of coaching teams that want to become more agile, increase efficiency, collaboration and innovation. Voranc is a graduate engineer in mathematics, but he found his mission in an agile mindset, where employees are seen as unique individuals and not just as replaceable resources. He believes that the greatest value of people lies in their effective mutual cooperation, because dialogue with others strengthens a person, that he is able to find a solution or a way out of a problematic situation on his own.

Nina Potisek

She is a manager and innovator in the field of people, organizations and systems. She is currently a partner and strategic consultant at the Competo company, and before that she gathered and tailored her knowledge for more than 23 years at the Petrol company, where she eventually worked as HR director. On behalf of the Petrol company, when she worked there as the director of process support and director of human resources management, Nina received a special award in the framework of the Golden Thread, an Elderly Friendly Company - Still engaged over the years.

Jure Bornšek

He is a manual physiotherapist who is constantly looking for new solutions and methods that deviate from established medical practices. Manual therapy is very complex because, in addition to soft tissue, it also deals with joint problems. We can talk about a holistic, integral approach, which is also aimed at prevention. In the process of manual therapy, special grips are used to reduce pain, improve mobility and flexibility with the aim of improving the individual's quality of life.

dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik

She is the founder and owner of HRM One, a company for personnel management, education and business consulting, and its subsidiary Beep Institute, which strives to empower people by developing their potential. She has many years of experience in the field of personnel management, personnel search and selection, people management systems, personnel due diligence, performance management systems, labor law, optimization and reorganization in companies, and psychological profiling. As an expert in people management, she also advises various companies on employee development, conducts individual coaching and educational workshops.



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