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The Beep Index is an employee vitality metric for growth-oriented companies looking to get the best people and maximize the engagement, health and well-being of existing employees.


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engaged employees globally
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engaged employees in Europe

(Source: Gallup, State of the Global Workplace Report, 2023)

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engaged employees in Slovenia

More than 200 of the latest research in the field of people work and over 30 years of work experience in the field of people development are included in the development of the Beep Index.

The Beep Index is a measure of employee well-being.


How do we improve the vitality and sustainable development of employees with the Beep Index?

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A two-part Beep Index metric

1. Index of organizational well-being

is intended to determine the well-being at the level of the organization. It shows the extent to which the organization promotes the well-being of its employees and what hinders it.

2. Index of personal well-being

is intended to determine well-being across all areas life. We cannot address organizational well-being without considering the wider context.


Assessment of the level of well-being

Psychological well-being

Authenticity: Employees can communicate openly and mainly express their opinion, but they are not completely relaxed in business relations. The company moderately encourages a culture of open and transparent communication.

Resilience: Employees perceive their own ability to face challenges, stressful situations and a high level of their own competence. In the work environment, however, they recognize a medium level of social support, feedback and sharing of tasks and responsibilities.

Physical well-being

Physical health: Employees perceive health problems to an average extent. The company also offers measures for quick recovery in the event of an illness.

Nutrition: Employees are inclined to eat a balanced diet. The company does not give employees access to balanced meals during working hours (the food available to them is less nutritious).

Social well-being

Financial security: Employees express a low level of satisfaction and sense of control over their finances. They estimate that their income does not correspond to necessary monthly expenses. The salary system in the company is not updated according to the rising cost of living.

Good working conditions: Flexible working hours and a pleasant working environment are considered important by employees. The company provides its employees with a safe and pleasant working environment.

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