We are creating an innovative center for holistic development of potential
employees of the company

With a holistic approach to human development, we strive for sustainable solutions for both companies and individuals

Managers, HR experts and providers of educational, development and consulting content play a key role in the implementation of sustainable practices in companies. With the Beep Institute, we are building a new community of development-oriented organizations and individuals who want personal growth and strive to become the best versions of themselves.

Sustainable human development

it is becoming more and more important for business operations, people's psychological well-being and the long-term success of society.

Human potential 

is the ability of an individual to develop, improve and be successful in the environment in which he works.

Sustainable working environments

they realize the well-being of employees and, consequently, the potential of companies.


We are individuals in the team, united by the desire for sustainable development of people in companies

We strive to co-create long-term successful and development-oriented companies that empower people's well-being and sustainable development. We are committed to creating comprehensive trainings, creating unforgettable experiences and enforcing the best practices in working with people.

The development of the project is led by dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik in collaboration with a team of external collaborators.

dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik

Maja is the founder and owner of the company Beep Institute d.o.o. At the same time, she is also the director of the HR management, education and business consulting company HRM One d.o.o. At Beep Institute, she is responsible for concept development, finance and management.

Natalija Kunčič

Business support manager




Sara Grabovac

Project Manager




Hummingbirds and origami are synonymous
to discover the potential of employees in a unique way

Hummingbirds are dynamic creatures that bring positive energy back into the world

The choice of the hummingbird in the Beep Institute logo is not accidental. We were fascinated by its unique features that it can flap more than 90 times in a second, fly up to 800 km at a time and is the only bird that can fly backwards.

Hummingbirds are agile and quickly adapt to changes. They say that if a hummingbird crosses your path, it is trying to point out the joy in small things and the strength and potential that we carry within us.

Sophisticated turquoise is the color of creativity and open communication

The colorful beauty of hummingbirds is nature's work of art. At the Beep Institute, we chose turquoise as a mix of blue and green, which represent wisdom and growth. Simply because, like the color of the ocean and the sky, it is a companion of our travels.

Origami is art, learning, consolidation and creativity

The hummingbird is depicted as origami in the logo, as we want to emphasize that in order to realize one's potential, an individual does not need additional tools, only a strong will. Even with the origami technique, the goal is to transform a flat sheet of paper through various folding techniques without tools.

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