Life is one thing

In a conversation at the Beep Talk & Sounds 2023 event, the renowned director of Big Bang company Uroš Mesojedec talks about, among other things, how we can maintain positive energy and transfer it to others

Thirty years of management and the search for life balance

Beep Talk Saša Mrak Hendrickson's conversation with multi-awarded businessman and former president of the Association Manager mag. To Aleksander Zalaznik With more than thirty years of experience in management, Aleksander Zalaznik has learned a lot about the balance between work and free time. The challenges are great: to balance yourself, owners, society, employees. As he himself says, it is better than constantly working to find out [...]

About life changes and leadership

Beep Talk Saša Mrak Hendrickson's conversation with entrepreneur and owner of Red Orbit company Andraž Štalec about his personal transformation Life before and after the covid-19 pandemic. Two separate chapters in the life of entrepreneur Andraž Štalac. Before covid, Andraž was a typical entrepreneur who was always involved, constantly in meetings and always on the move. Andraž says that [...]

The book has the greatest power even in the age of digitization

Societies that read are more resilient. A society with a cultural and value problem related to reading is very vulnerable and significantly less capable than it could otherwise be. Reading has been proven to bring greater functional literacy of citizens, a better ability to separate fake news from real, recognition of demagogic and propaganda political messages, creativity, greater cognitive abilities and empathy, i.e. those tools with which we can survive and preserve ourselves as a society on the world map.